Wickedness! You Won’t Believe What Fulani Herdsmen Did At Obasanjo’s Farm

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One of the major obligations of any government in a country is to provide Security for the citizens of the country to make the society peaceful and governable. In the absence of adequate security in a country or other parts of the society, Crisis, conflicts, War and Other criminal activities would take place in the country. The security challenges in our country, Nigeria had gotten to a critical level and it appears that every 6 geopolitical zones have its issues regarding Security. The country is still battling with security challenges like Kidnapping, Terrorism, and the Herdsmen attacks and Banditry have added salt to injury.

Nigerians are fustrated and are currently pointing accusing fingers at the President, Muhammadu Buhari

and his Security Chiefs over their Failure to protect the country from unnecessary attacks.

The attacks from Fulani Herdsmen which started in Benue State had spread to other parts of the country especially, Southern Nigeria. Presently, the South Western part of the country seems to be the worst hit from attacks from the Herdsmen.

One of the major problems Nigerians have with the Federal Government is their Silence over the attacks and despite their inability to address the country and put an end to the problem. The problem had led to the formation of local security agencies such as the Amotekun and Eastern security Network (ESN).

As the saying goes, ” What goes around, comes around” and it appeared to be happening aa it was reported that Fulani Herders Killed an Ogun State Woman and dumped her Body behind the farmland of Olusegun Obasanjo, the former Nigerian President.

This incident was reported by ” Sahara reporters”

and the revealed that the woman who was moving to her destination through a bike was stopped by a group of Herdsmen who killed the Bike man but abducted the woman only for her dead Body to be found the next day beside Obasanjo’ s farmland.

According to SAHARA REPORTERS, the woman’ s name was Ishola and the incident took place at Oke- Irori Village.

This is one of the issues in Nigeria that could trigger ethnic crisis between the Fulani and Yoruba/Igbo tribe because the people of Southern Nigeria has experienced enough of these unnecessary killings from the Herdsmen.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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