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My Wife Had Been Cheating On Me With Our Pastor

Churches for most people are usually considered to be divine places for them to receive nourishment. However this was not the case for Joy, Omondi’s wife the two had been married for almost 7 years.

Omondi wasn’t usually a church guy but his wife on the other hand kept a routine of attenting every church services, keshas and any event that was held in church. One would say that Joy was a true believer since she was so dedicated to the church. She would most of the time leave the husband and the children alone at home to go to church.

One Sunday afternoon, Omondi had borrowed Joy’s phone to use it for work but then suddenly a message from the pastor saying, ” You looked so good today in church, I cannot wait to see you during the morning glory as usual.” At first Omondi thought that the pastor had sent the message to a wrong number and so he ignored it.

However the following Sunday he had two people conversing after church talking about his wife and the pastors sexual involvement. The conversation was a wake up call he then decided to ask a close friend of his for a solution. The friend then told him to go and visit Doctor Mugwenu to help him.

The following morning Omondi went to see Doctor Mugwenu at his workshop and explained to him everything. Doctor Mugwenu then gave him a leaf that he was to put on Joy’s hand bag. He then went back home and did as he was instructed. The next time Joy attended a kesha and got intimate with the Pastor, the two experienced sharp pains in their private parts. Joy then came back home confessed to Omondi and at the same time asked for forgiveness. Omondi decided to forgive her and accepted her back to start over again. She has ever since been loyal to Omondi.

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