My Wife Claimed My Brother Was More Romantic Than I Was, She Even Had Sex With Him Severally - Mc Ebisco My Wife Claimed My Brother Was More Romantic Than I Was, She Even Had Sex With Him Severally - Mc Ebisco
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My Wife Claimed My Brother Was More Romantic Than I Was, She Even Had Sex With Him Severally

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Married couples are required to complement each other at any particular time. I have been living with my wife Angela for the last 8 years. Our marriage life has been with lots of challenges as a norm just like any other marriage. I had a younger brother who was still a student in the university and so sometimes we would visit him with my wife. My wife and my brother went to the point of sharing contacts for further communication.

One day as my wife had gone to take a shower I happened to go through her phone where I got wonders. She had texted my younger brother that he was such a lovely person and maybe someday she was to offer him something even bigger. Surprisingly my wife had told my young brother that I was just a lazy born when it came to satisfying her in bed and therefore she was to offer him a chance to power her engine since she had a sex dry spell. I did not bother asking her about that conversation.

I kept quiet and pretended everything was in order for I wanted no argument with her. One Saturday my wife said she was going to visit her parents and so I let her leave the house. She had overstayed for a week and so I took the step of calling her but she was off. I decided to call her parents where they told me that she was not around and she had not informed them that she was to visit them. I guessed and took a step of visiting my brother’s place.

When I reached there, I found her sitting by my younger brother’s coach wearing lingerie exposing her thighs. I also saw pregnancy prevention pills by the table a clear indication that the cookie was broken. She shouted to me that my brother was far miles away when it came to romance. I just walked out of the house for I wanted zero commotion.

When leaving my younger brother’s place, I met Jack where I shared my story to him. He was really amused by the incidence and so he said he had a solution to ensure everything was in order. He introduced me to
herbalists called Dr.Mugwenu. I went at their offices and I was attended to and later went back home. After two days my younger brother called me saying he wanted us to meet and end this for once.

We met where he apologized. My wife too confessed to be in a relationship with my brother and she begged for forgiveness. I let everything go and forgave them. Form that day my wife has never did such a mistake again. I had improved my romantic game since I was given sweetening oils which really have played important role in ensuring that I remain romantic each day.

We are now living happily with my wife as that love was once restored. Mugwenu doctors solve marriage problems, winning court cases and winning lotteries just to mention few. They also cast hex spells. Black magic spells just within the span of three days and everything will be in order. Do not be prohibited by your geographical location for phone treating is also done via phone. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.


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