Your Wife Or Girlfriend Wants You To Touch These Places But May Be Shy To Tell You

Dear men, there are a lot of things you really need to find out about your girlfriend or wife.

Females love to be touched in some certain places which are:

1. Face:

Many ladies likes to be touched on the face, just a little rub on the face will do. Try touching her face with the back of your hand softly and gently, this will make her smile.

2. Hair:

ladies love it when your hand touches their hair. You can just use your hand to play with her hair for a while and surely, you will see her smile.

3. Ear:

This may sound awkward but some ladies actually love it.

4. Hand:

Touch your woman hand softly and you can even kiss it, doing this will definitely make her smile.

Ladies want you to do these things but it may sound awkward if they tell you. So after reading this, try doing some of these things once in a while.

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