A Wife Material is The One Who Can Do These (3) Things.

We all marry a woman for some certain reasons, and whatsoever reasons one may mention would never reach conclusion without putting peace of mind in the list for without that peace of mind,and Marriage will be seen as sham promoting progress.

That’s, men marry women not solely to sleep with them and give birth to a baby.

Any woman who can persistently keep on doing the below listed things to her husband is indeed a wife material that deserves nothing apart from regarding her a queen throughout her remaining years in the world.

If you are a woman reading this article, I advise you to put more strength towards realising what I am going mention down in this article, and I want you to share this article to other platforms so, some woman will also be able to benefit from the given information.
These are what women should be doing.


Please read carefully

1) Holding The Pillar Of The Home: What have you understand by holding the pillar of the home? Okay, let me make some elucidation for your better understanding.

In any Home, husband should be regarded as the main pillar of the home for without him, there is no home as well as the wife( She is the second and he is the first). So to hold a man, you just need to hold his stomach through preparing a delicious food for him.

Every husband will be happy when his woman can cook a very nice and yammy food to his satisfaction. Once you know how to cook, you will indeed be stirring your husband and he will always be happy for being you his wife.

You see, as far as you want to have your husband, better for you if you to learn how to make a good food if you didn’t how to cook.

2) Maintaining The Body of The Home: If I say body, some may think I mean the premises of the house – do you think so? I don’t mean that.

Then what do I mean? I simply mean the children you as a wife gave birth to.

We all together knew that, rearing toddlers is not something easy, but, if you make it your fashion with the target of captivating the heart of your husband, you will, without iota of doubt become the queen of his heart.

Early in the morning, after prefaring the break fast, the delicious one, have the children bathed, rub a cream to them and dress them up for school after taking their break fast.

Note: Don’t dress your children before taking their break fast for they may have some food rolled on the uniform.

After your husband took his breakfast, carry his back and accompany him to his car making some romantically ridiculous statement that can ease and cleanse away whatever remainded in his heart for yesterday’s burdens.

3) Mopping The Soul of The Home: When I say mopping, I do not mean something related to mopping the tiles rather having the heart of your husband cleansed and free away from any grudges he may have gotten from outsiders.

How to make a spectacular mood changing when your husband is into some sadness? Firstly, you need to get prepared one hour before he return from his working place; take a bath and wear a favourable dress that could make him feel as a king – similarly, don’t forget to wear smile in your face too.

Your nice welcoming could make him forget almost all the sadness he might have gotten in his working place.

Furthermore, by doing so, he will always be anxious to return to home knowing that he kept a queen who is taking him as a king.

This could be what many women lost to apply in their home which make many men to stay longer outside before thinking something like a home for they knew that, even when they return back to home, there is no any specifically spectacular thing awaiting them.

I hereby advise any Married women to apply these basic prerequisite in aiming to make their home I nice place to live with her husband peacefully.

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