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My Wife Had Raw Sex With My Boss, She Said I Was To Be Promoted At Work

Loyalty to each other at times is an important thing in any relationship or marriage that wants to prosper at any particular time. I lived with my wife Della in Nairobi. She was a secretary at the same company which I worked as a cleaner. Obviously I found it very odd to have been working in the same office with my wife. She used to be complimented by our boss due to her nice dressing. I really felt jealous for I knew this was an indication she was teasing the boss.

She was the secretary in our office. Each moment the boss came in her office, I remained keen for I wanted no one to be this close with my wife. I would really worry and even at times go peep by the window to know what was really going on in that office. He would spend one hour in her office and laughter would come in there. I was really ready to protect my territory and anyone who came close to my wife, I saw him as a big enemy at that particular time. She was really treated well by our boss, which really made me to be suspicious this time round.

One day I happened to peep by the window to know what was really going on. I found my wife was being held her hip tight with the boss as they were really in deep romance. I opened the door and pretended to be doing my daily cleaning work in the office. They pretended nothing was happening. I clearly knew what was really going on between them. looked my wife in deep thought and really wondered why she was doing such a thing to me since I was loyal each time I was required to. When we went home I asked her severally if they had been having an affair with
the boss but she refused to accept.

The next day I ambushed them having sex in the office and when I asked her what was wrong she said I was to be promoted from a mere cleaner to a more lucrative post. This really was only a way of convincing me but it was really a behavior that I did not like. In the process, I met Jack who really told me he was to help me solve my situation by taking me to Mugwenu doctors who had once helped him solve a land wrangle.

The next morning I was at Mugwenu doctors’ offices. I was attended to and assured that all was to be fine. Three days when I returned to work things happened. My wife and the boss got stuck to each other in the office as they were having sex. It created a lot of commotion in that office but things went all well as I called Mugwenu doctors who demanded that the boss was to pay 60,000 shillings to be set free. He did that within a minute and later set free. We later reunited with my wife and later lived together. We found jobs in different companies life was just awesome
courtesy of Mugwenu doctors.

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