"I Will Have 30 Minutes Everyday On NTA To Talk To Our Igbo Brothers About Islam"- Orjiegbulam - Mc Ebisco
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“I Will Have 30 Minutes Everyday On NTA To Talk To Our Igbo Brothers About Islam”- Orjiegbulam

Average Nigerians see religion as a war not as a choice! As such, they can attack, even kill if a member of family goes contrary to what he or she is born with! Recently, many Igbo Muslims have left the origin of their births due to palpable fear of being attacked or killed by their kinsmen. Some left livelihoods, homes, properties and travelled far north to seek protection when they were being persecuted for choosing Islam as their faith.

The same problem is relatively observable among hausa Christians and Muslims in the northern part of the country but they seem to be more tolerant than Igbos for a reason, at least. It is even more complicated than one might imagine! They see Islam as a religion of a particular tribe (Hausa) despite they see a number of Muslims in the South-West too!


My questions are, why it is so difficult to see the religion beyond the tribal line even when there are Muslims in Isreal or Jerusalem? How will you explain a situation where your kinsmen become die-hard enemies because of a faith? And what comes first between tribe and religion? I am curious to know!

Our religious intolerance or hatred has been a major setback for our national development! It has really affected our reasoning faculties because we hardly subject issues to objectivity but rather tribal or religious, and prefer mediocrity over professionalism. This is why it is much easier for political players to use our ‘weakness’ not only to divide us but to rob off our common treasury.

Distubed by this ugly trend in Igboland where a muslim is seen as Boko Haram member, aopular Igbo Muslim identified as Alh. Muhamad Kabir Orjiegbulam has now started preaching peaceful co-existence of both faithfuls in the South East! While speaking on a live interview, he admitted that there is gross misconceptions about Islam in the religion!


And to change the narratives, this is why he launched a facebook page called Muslim call to preach about the religion and educate them what they are ignorant of. He said he has also taken the campaign to NTA channel 22 in Owerri where he will be using 30 minutes everyday to talk to his kinsmen about Islam! He said through his preachings, many igbos have been converting into Islam!

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