You Will Always Fail In Life And Remain Poor If You Are Always Doing These 5 Things - Mc Ebisco You Will Always Fail In Life And Remain Poor If You Are Always Doing These 5 Things - Mc Ebisco
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You Will Always Fail In Life And Remain Poor If You Are Always Doing These 5 Things

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For someone to fail in life, and become poor, there must be something he or she did, or is still doing. Not all downfalls are caused by spiritual warfare, or family curse. Sometimes, we do put ourselves in those situations by some of our wrong doings without knowing.

If you do not stop those wrong things, then your life will remain the same. I’m surprised that people do these wrong things all the time. Maybe because they are not aware of the effects these things cause in their life, or they are just probably ignorant. This article will enlighten you about those things, and why you should stop them. Be careful, you will always fail in life, and remain poor if you are always doing these five things.

1. Always participating in anything gambling, or gamble related things.

Gambling is not entirely bad as the way some people see it. Gambling is only bad when you play it all the time. It makes one poor faster than it can make anyone rich. Do not always participate in these gambling act. It is deadly, and can make one remain poor in life.

This activity is not ordinary. It is more than physical, deeper than you can even imagine. You will be addicted to it if you always indulge yourself on it.

2. Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks.

Taking alcoholic drinks all the time is wrong. Alcoholic drinks may not be bad, but do not take them all the time. I will suggest you desist from it for a long time to avoid failing in your plans.

Take natural palm wines instead. You can also take red wine, and other beverage drinks, but not alcohols. An alcoholic drink has a spirit that can make you weak financially and spiritually if it is not taking wisely.

3. Using someone, or cheating people for your own gain, greed, or pleasure.

This is very wrong not just to the other person, but also to you doing such a thing. Do not cheat others for your own personal gain or pleasure. This may seem right to you at the beginning, but the end of it is destruction.

Never promise anyone marriage or commitment just because you want to milk them in one way or the other. Do not use anyone for your personal gain, only to dump them when you have gotten what you wanted. Such thing could affect your career. If you are poor, and you do this, you may remain poor.

4. Always smoking weed.

A had drug like weed is very dangerous. Some people do not know this. Weed can cause you mental breakdown if you always take it. Some governments have already the banned weed from their respective countries due to the harm it causes to its citizens.

5. Stop being lazy.

Being lazy is a straight road to poverty. Go out there and look for something to do. Do not be idle, because an idle man is a devil’s workshop.

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