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“I Will Never Go To Hospital Again, I Rather Die Here At Home” – SA Lady Vow

The outbreak of the current pandemic in the country has cost the lives of many people. There is need for us to be careful and take precautions inorder to prevent the disease.

A south African lady named “Maya” who was reported to be dead as a result of Corona virus in the hospital.

Many people has reacted on the social media campaigning that “Maya” should get justice for her death. They claimed that the lady was intentionally killed by the doctor and nurses in the hospital.

Another south African lady has took to her Twitter page to cow never to go to the hospital after experiencing what “Maya” went through.

According to Her:

She even said that she will prefer to die at home with her loved ones than to visit any hospital.

The truth is that, some doctors operate without an atom of human consideration and sympathy especially this era of Corona virus. Most people are scared of going to the hospital for the fear of becoming a corona patient. Most people experience the symptoms of malaria but doctors tend to manipulate their results and say it’s Covid19.

We need to be careful these season and take the necessary preventive measures to ensure we are safe.

Always wear your face mask and carry your hand sanitizer along with you. Thanks.


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