“Will You Slap Me For 10 Million Dollars?”- Pretty Lady Enquires On Social Media

In today’s world where we have people doing all sorts of despicable things just to make money, there is no limits to the length of evil that people can go to just to make this money.

It is now very absurd and foolish for any one to think that people would be considerably nice to them when money is involved. In a world people kill for money, do money rituals and steal from hardworking people, imagine asking if people would slap you for 10 million dollars.

How much is 10 million dollars in naira ?

10 million dollar is approximately worth 3.8 billion naira. Imagine you just have to slap someone to make that outrageous amount.

A yoruba lady named Tolu who is popularly known as DrToolz on TwitterNG has taken to her twitter account to ask Nigerians if they’d slap her for 10 million naira.

This is such a ridiculous question. Trust Nigerians to come up with some very hilarious replies to her ridiculous question.

What do you think?


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