Without Igbo Presidency There Maybe Another Civil War in Nigeria – Ohanaeze

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The Ohanaeze Youth Council worldwide, in a statement made available to odince blog through it’s General President Mazi okechukwu Isuzoro, says’ Igbo Presidency project 2023 will avert another civil war in Nigeria.


“Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide celebrate 50 Years Anniversary after Biafra War in agony, because those scenarios that led to the Civil War in 1967 are worse in place today unaddressed, those Veterans actors from both sides of the War never learnt lessons from the Unfortunate War, but rather they brought down misfortunes, misgovernance and splits Nigeria along Ethnicity and Religious lines as there was no proper re- integration of Ndigbo into the Nigeria’s Mainstream society.

“The ingenuity which igbos discovered during tragic events of 1967/1970, through Creation of local Refineries, Weapons and Uli Airport (2nd busiest Airport in Africa then) was quashed by Successive Governments through harsh policies acted out of fear and misplaced priority, 3rd Marine Commanders pH promoted abandoned properties and renaming of major Riverine Igbo towns and Twisting of Cultural heritage and identities of igbos in Riverine areas of old Eastern Region which was the beginning of restiveness in Niger Delta region today.

“Those who sowed seeds of discord actively derailed Nigeria from the Path of Her Greatness into Abyss of Destruction through promotion Nepotism over Merit, Corruption over Decency, impartiality Over Competitiveness, and deliberately relegation of igbos to the background as second class citizens through harsh economic policies,elite conspiracy theories and concepts of divide and conquer through giving Undue leverages to minorities ahead of igbos in the Nigeria Project.

“OYC appreciate those Patriotic Nigerians that warmly welcomed back igbos after the Civil War in 1970, those Nigerians dead or alive are true heroes of the War,many igbos enjoyed the rehabilitative support in the West and Some parts of the North as there was no abandoned properties policies there, irrespective of the official 20 pounds Money given to Igbos, 25 years after the Unfortunate War, the Igbo ingenuity, Resilient Vigour, indomitable spirit and Never-Say-Die Attitude was seen in rebuilding and Transformation of the Cities of Onitisha,Enugu, Umuahia,Aba, Owerri into Mega Cities which was destroyed by the unfortunate War.

“The lessons of the War had not been learnt because Most Actors of that Tragic events (1967/1970) installed themselves as Victors and declared others as Vanquished in practice and Since those military officers that witnessed the Unfortunate demise of the last Igbo Head of State, Maj Gen Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi are still alive by sheer Providence, they have the Singular opportunity offered by Nature to rewrite history after 50 years of the Biafra Civil War,by holding a Special National Memorial service for over two million Igbo Children and Women that lost their lives during the tragic moment of the civil war and openly Supporting a Nigerian President of Igbo stock in 2023 in honour of the traumatic and tragic death of Maj Gen Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi, who was purely a Victim of the unfortunate war and which had affected adversely the collective political fortunes and aspirations of Igbos since 1970. T

“The only true healing process will be achieved when Former Head of State,Gen Yakubu Gowon(retired),former Commander of the 3rd Marine Commandos pH ,Gen Olusegun Mathew Obasanjo (retired), and TY Danjuma for his alleged roles played against the last igbo head of State, should apologize to Igbos Openly or secretly and advocate for the 2023 Nigerian President of Igbo stock to Succeed President Muhammadu Buhari for Proper completion of healing process, so Nigeria will return back in her Glorious Days and path of Greatness.

“OYC sees Unfortunate but bleak future ahead if the proponents of Anti Igbo Presidency 2023 succeed, as those who are fanning ember of disunity by promoting Northern Presidency ahead of igbo Presidency to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari are indirectly instigating rebellion through subversion of people’s Rotational Presidency between North and South if thwarted and sacrificed may spell doom for Nigeria.

“The genuine lessons of 50 Years after Biafra Civil War will heal Nigeria, if Nigerians irrespective of tribe and religious beliefs are allowed to see a greater Nigeria with full potentials as African Super power Nation which is achievable through an Igbo Ingenuity in Governance, Resilient igbo Vigour in Aso Rock, indomitable spirit and Never-Say-Die Attitude of Igbos through the Actualization of a Nigerian President of Igbo stock 2023,a New Zik of Africa(amongst the Current Southeast Governor and Former Governors, Senators) definitely will emerge as President Muhammadu Buhari’s Successor in 2023.

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