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“Without Men Women Are Nothing” Don’t Be Quick To Judge, See Why She Says This

A lady who goes by Aesha Bakar drove women into introspection after she made a bold statement about men. According to this lady, women must always display kindness and respect towards men because men play a vital role in shaping them.

At first, people were kinda being vile to this lady but after giving it some thought they realized that this lady was absolutely correct for saying that the only reason why women do makeup and stuff is that they want men’s attention “Without men women are nothing. We do makeup to look good and make them happy” Boldly started Bukar.

People especially men were saying that this gorgeous woman is totally correct; women go all out just to look good for men. Some women may have something to add to this, if so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and tell us if you think this lady is correct or no.


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