I Woke Up Lonely And I Need A Man Please

Most people who have been single for a little while will relate, even though there are a few advantages to being single, when you are single sometimes you woke up in the morning and you just have that sad feeling if loneliness.

This beautiful young lady apparently woke up this morning and had that sad lonely feeling, and she decided to take to Twitter to express her feeling of loneliness and also express her desires for a new man.

“Woke up bored, lonely and guess the last one…. Well long and short I think I need a man” – She wrote.

The good news for her is that her post received a lot of attention, and it is most likely that she will find a new man, if you are interested in getting in contact with her, simply click on the link below and send her a message on Twitter, who knows you might be the lucky man.


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