This Woman Cheated On Her Husband And Her Husband Died Because Of Her Act

According to the reports garnered from HGS Media Plus, a man that has been identified as Friday has lost his life after his dear wife had engaged in an extra marital affair by sleeping with another man in Delta State.

Reports collated have it that an unknown sickness befell the man and he died from it after his wife had gone ahead to commit adultery.

HGS gathered some information on the tradition of the people which is against a woman sleeping with another man other than her husband. The consequence is that the husband of any woman who does this atrocious act will die, including her children unless she confesses and they carry out some traditional rites on her behalf.

Sadly to her dismay, she practically refused to confess until her husband died and one of her children became seriously sick.

However, she does not want to lose her children because of her atrocious acts. She has opened up and confessed to her friend.

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