Has A Woman Ever Told You She Liked You? Do This When That Happens

We live in a part of the world where it is awkward and almost prohibited for a woman to propose her love interest to a man. It is widely believed that it is the man that is charged with such duty, and when women do that they often come across as desperate and cheap.

However, some women go out of their own way and express their feeling to the man of their interest. This puts the man in a very awkward situation; he might begin to ask himself these questions; is she for real? If I accept does that make me a real man? Is she desperate? And so on, this article suggests ways to handle the situation.

1 If you don’t like her, tell her you are not interested; for a woman to develop the courage to open up her feelings for you, she has fallen deeply for you. But that does not mean you do not have the option to tell her the truth. If you are already in a relationship or you have no feelings for her. It will definitely hurt her, but it will save you from future troubles.

2 Some women are just infatuated, especially young girls; I came across a story of a secondary teacher, who had sought for advice on how to handle one of his students, apparently the girl had shown interest in him. How do you handle such situations? It is simple, the solution is to avoid her, talk to her, if that didn’t work, report the matter to the school authority.

3 Just tell her you will think about it; this will put her at ease for a while, but in the interim you should indeed give it a good thought. If you truly like her, you should give it a try. But, if you are not interested in her, call her attention and calmly explain why that is the case. Convince her that you had no intentions of hurting her feelings, because sometimes rejection in such a situation can lead to enmity and bad blood.

If you have any other contribution on how to handle such situations, I would very much appreciate it.

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