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Woman Expecting 4 Babies Cries For Help

Screenshot 2021 09 15 at 05 23 39 Woman expecting 4 babies cries for help

This week, a mother in Mitchells Plain is expecting quadruplets, and she’s asking for support from the community. It was not in Berenice Jacobs’ plans to have four infants at once when she asked for one. Mother of three from Tafelsig speaks to the magazine only days before she has a Caesarean section performed to deliver her four bundles of joy.

She claims she went to the clinic in January for a pregnancy test after not menstruating for a month. I counted the weeks and then they listened for the heartbeat but they were unsure about something and referred me to Mitchells Plain District Hospital for a scan.

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As soon as the physicians told Berenice that she was expecting triplets, she was ecstatic. Groote Schuur Hospital was then contacted for another scan. There were two girls and a boy in Mitchells Plain, and I was ecstatic, but when I arrived to Groote Schuur, I was shocked to learn that there were really four babies instead of three.

That kid had broken away from his girlfriends.” Melvin Loots, Berenice’s 35-year-old husband, was stunned by the news. The fact that we didn’t even try to make it happen left him in a state of astonishment. All of my treatments have been natural, and I have not used any prescription.”

Berenice, who is 29 weeks pregnant, admits that just getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge. As a result of their weight, “I sukkel.” The only way I can sleep comfortably is on my back, because if I sleep on my side, one of the babies will be sleeping on me.

This many children in my body makes me feel tired and heavy. I can devour two loaves of bread and a complete pot of food. When asked why she is constantly hungry-“I can’t help it,” she says with a chuckle. A check-up will be performed on Berenice tomorrow, but physicians have cautioned her to prepare for childbirth in the meanwhile, she adds.

It is estimated that the boy weighs 1.2 kilograms and eats all of the food. Two of the girls weigh 700 grams, while the third weighs 600. A doctor warned me to prepare myself in case they remove the babies when I go in on Tuesday because they are worried about the daughter who isn’t receiving enough oxygen and nourishment.

Screenshot 2021 09 15 at 05 23 53 Woman expecting 4 babies cries for help

I can confirm that this patient is undergoing prenatal treatment at Groote Schuur Hospital, according to Alaric Jacobs, the hospital’s spokesman. Four quadruplets are on their way to her.” Their three children live with them in a Wendy house because Berenice and her husband are both unemployed at the moment.

Concerned mother pleads for aid since she cannot afford to buy necessities for her four children.

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