Woman Kills Her 2 Children And Herself After She Caught Her Husband Making Out With Their Maid

A lot of women do not trust their husbands in front of beautiful young maids because of the notion that men cheat with maids. Most women prefer older maids who are as old as their parents, but some feel uncomfortable making an elder clean for them.

This is exactly what happened with a woman who according to found her husband cheating on her with the same main she brought home to help her with house chores.

When she found them together making out, the woman did not want to just kill herself because of fear that the husband will be left with the kids and make the maid their new mother.

The 29-year-old Brenda from Rusape poisoned her children and later committed suicide. Neighbours who found their bodies said that they found them near an opened bible, and it is believed that she also drank the poison she used on her children.


It is heartbreaking that when people kill themselves, they kill their children too instead of letting them live. Many lives have been cut short due to this act.

Depression is real, and people who commit suicide probably think there is no way out and they just want to wash away the pain instead of dealing with their demons.

Rather get professional help when you feel that you are in a dark spot, killing your loved ones can never be an answer. Killing yourself when you have dependants in just as bad.


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