Woman Records A Man During ‘The Act’ With Her And Threatens To Share It For The Public To See

A woman whose work is to attract men for ‘the act’ in exchange for money has left netizens talking after she allegedly threatened to expose the video of a guy who failed to pay her after she offered a service to him the all night.

On a report presented by Radio Jambo, the man is said to have entered a room with his lady, after having a good time with her, the lady demanded for payment. The man refused to pay saying it was too expensive for him to give out the all seven thousand for the one night he was with her.

After a confrontation that attracted a number of neighbors, the man agreed to pay only two thousand shillings and later went away saying that he will pay the remaining amount in a few days to come.

The man never thought of paying the woman, so he went silent not knowing that the girl had recorded everything that transpired while they were together.

So the lady sent her part of the clip and the man really trembled, he wanted to pay the remaining five thousand but the girl had hyped it to twenty thousand, the man had no otherwise that to seal the deal.





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