When A Woman Tells You ‘’I’ll Think About It’’, Just Know This

As a man, having a relationship could be very complicated sometimes. This is because the man may not understand the way a woman communicate, this inability of the man reading the messages a woman is try to tell him, could lead to misunderstandings. This article takes a look at what a woman is trying to communicate when she says, ‘’I’ll think about it’’.

First of all we need to understand the meaning of that, when someone says he/she will think about something, it simply means they’ll consider something. But when a woman tells a man she’ll think about something, for example his love proposition. It implies either of this two;

  1. She is interested in his love proposition but don’t want to look cheap. When you reveal you love interest to a woman, and she tells you she will think about don’t feel bad or awkward. She might be interested in you as well it is just her way of covering up her tracks so as not to come across as being ‘cheap’

  2. She is not interested at all, and may not know how to tell the man so as not to seem harsh. This is because while some women will just reject the man they have no feelings for, others consider his feelings and therefore try to blanket their rejection by saying, ‘they’ll think about it’.

Whatever, the case may be, as a man it is important that you understand the signals or message the woman is trying to send, no matter the situation (whether favorable or not).

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