If A Woman Turns You Down, Do These 7 Things To Make Her Fall For You.

Sometimes, as a man you fail to get your choice of woman owing to some reasons. No man will deny the fact that he has never been turned down before by a woman. It is very common. But it is always as heavy as heartbreak when a woman you so much desire turns you down or deny you an opportunity to engage her in a relationship. It is always exasperating.

In this kind of situation, do not feel disappointed, or lose your self-esteem. It is not just the end because she may have turned you down not because you are not good enough, perhaps, she wants to know how serious or committed you are.

These are some steps which we make her calling for you after she must have turned you down.

  1. Do not attack her for for turning you down. This attack could be in form of harassment, abuse. And do not turn against her because she turned you down. Be calm, just walk away from her after you must have satisfactorily tried like two times.

  2. Be nice to her. For the fact that she turned you down may not insinuate that she does not like you. Be nice to her and show her concern. Care for her and always try to know how she is doing, but this time around do not attach intimacy to it. Let it not be that you still have interest in her.

  3. Try to know her interest in a man. This will definitely help you to build yourself in that aspect and appeal to her sense of admiration. Know the type of man she cherishes and use that as a measure to model yourself.

  4. Do not let the thought of her to saturate your mind. This will make you ease the trauma of her rejection of you.

  5. Make more money. Everybody likes money, it is a point of attraction.

  6. Repackage yourself. Get new beautiful clothes, change your wardrobe and conform to an appealing lifestyle, but do not conspicuous in terms of your dressing. Look decent but expensive.

  7. Buy her closest friend gifts. Those things that she would cherish so much, get them for her friends, and always act like you are no more interested in her and you want to ask her friend out for a relationship. This will make her go crazy, that she will begin to to pass you signals for you to come back, and if you persist not to come back, she may even come for you asking for forgiveness.

Try these steps and checkout how effective it is.


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