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Before A Woman Will Like You, These Are The First 5 Things She Will Look At

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Girls are normally picky when it comes to guys. They just don’t decide to like any type of guys, there are some things they consider and look at first before they accept any guy.

Apart from money guys consider the only thing girls look at before giving them a chance, there are also some other things girls look at and I’ll be discussing that here in this article.

Dear men, before a woman will like you, these are the first 5 things she will look at.

1. Your personality.

Nowadays, girls just don’t open their hearts to any guys without looking at their personalities. Your personality tells a lot about you. Personality is a set of non-physical psychological and social qualities that make a person distinct from another. If you don’t have a good personality, girls will hardly notice you. Before a woman will like you, one of the things she will look at is your personality.

2. Your conversation.

How long does your conversation take and how often do you communicate with her? This is a great determinant girl consider before liking a guy. If you’re the type that doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going and don’t know how to make a girl want to communicate with you more often, you will find it hard to see a girl that will like you. Communication is a very important factor that drives a relationship, and if you’re lacking, your relationship will also be lacking.

3. How far you can go with been patient.

Well, a girl can try to put you to the test and see how far you can go with been patient. That is why you need to be patient when it comes to women. They can’t be understood easily if you’re not patient. She can reject you and make you go through unnecessary stress just to see how hard you can push through with her. If you’re not patient, you will eventually give up and that’s the end. Women also test the kind of patient guys have before they start liking them.

4. Your swags.

If you’re the type of guy with swags, you will find it easy to get girls’ attention no matter how. We are all attracted to something stunning and we will never turn a blind eye to it if we see it. If she is impressed by your swags, she will surely like you.

5. How caring you are.

You will hardly see a guy that is caring and doesn’t have dozens of girls wishing to have him by their sides. Girls have nature feelings for guys that are caring and considerate. If you’re like this, girls will like you and want you to be yours. Girls will look at how caring you’re before they decide to like you.

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