A Woman’s Body Is Not A Work Place – Beautiful Lady Says

A beautiful lady and twitter user has taken to her handle to share a warm thought with her followers and the twitter community.

She has said that prostitution shouldn’t be seen as a job ,that is a crime. Reactions have since followed her tweet as followers and the twitter community took to the comment section to express their diverse opinions.

She has further narrated that the inside of a woman’s body is not a work place.

In her words “The inside of a woman’s body is not a workplace..If prostitution is “work”, will states create training programmes for girls to perform the “best oral sex” for sex buyers?”

If prostitution is “s£x work”, then by its own logic, rape is merely theft. The inside of a woman’s body should never be viewed as a workplace.

People who engaged her tweet have expressed their different opinions about her submission. Some agreed with her submission.

In my opinion, the lady has said the obvious truth. Prostitution can never be an occupation and it should be avoided.

This is a beautiful submission, I must say. See reactions from the screenshots as people reacted.


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