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Women Be Very Careful: See What This Boy Was Caught Doing In A BRT Bus

As a lady, the luxury and comfort of a Lagos BRT bus might be your best pick. However, as with the regular ‘Danfo’ bus, the Lagos BRT comes with its own problems as seen in a video making rounds on social media.

A video showing an apparently “thirsty” young man , getting for himself a visual thirst quencher has got people concerned about the safety and privacy of women in public places and modes of transportation. In a simpler term, the young man was shown in the video secretly recording the view between the legs of an unsuspecting woman who was seated right behind him. His unjustifiable purpose for invading the woman’s privacy would probably be for his own later satisfaction .

The video which was shared on social media has generated lots of reactions, mostly from people who were utterly disgusted by the young man’s “dirty” act. This calls for awareness among women, especially in public places where a female could be easily vulnerable.
In the video , the young man could be seen putting his mobile device under his seat; making it focused towards an angle that would be able to record all that is between the woman’s legs ; lttle did he know that he was being monitored and recorded by someone else whose aim was probably to put him up for a public humiliation on social media. However , a lot of Nigerians are of the thought that the ‘recorder’ should have raised alarm instead.


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