When A Women Crushes On You, She Would Do 3 Things To You (Opinion)

Just as men are attracted to women, women are also attracted to men. It becomes interesting when a woman likes a man. This is because the ways a man goes about expressing his attraction to a woman are different from that of the woman. This is not unconnected with the norms in the society that it is the man’s duty to approach the woman.

Even if some might grow the courage to approach the man of their dreams, many women cannot. They rather leave some clues and signals to their interest, hoping he reads them and initiate an approach. Below are 3 things a woman would do, if she likes you;

1 Her body movement; when a woman is interested in you she will communicate that by her body postures; sitting directly opposite you, her toes or hands are facing your direction, she might attract your attention by even dancing where you can see her. It is a sign that a woman is interested in you when she sees you and immediately changes her walking pattern.

2 She stalks you; when a woman is crushing on you, she would find all opportunities to be around you. The woman can ask about you from your friends and family. In this age of technological development she might follow you on the social media and even call or text you often.

3 Her eyes; this is a very significant give away. A woman who is crushing at you will take every opportunity to glance at you. And don’t forget they say ‘the eyes is the mirror to the soul’, therefore when you catch a woman starring at you, she might be sending a sign that she is attracted to you.

Therefore, whenever you get any of these signals from a woman it might just be that she is communicating her likeness for you. It is no left to you to decide on whether to approach her or not.

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