What Women Don’t Like About Men.

Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to choosing the man they like. There are some traits which you posses that will make some women to like or hate you. Before you even think of anything else, you should ensure you groom properly. This is the first thing women notice in men. Proper grooming shows that you are also wise in some way. Lets look on some of the things women notice in men but they can’t let you know.

Women hate people who have hair in their nostrils. This is the thing they can’t really tell you. If you are one of them, try to shave those hairs so that you can look presentable. You shouldn’t shave all of them since they do help in trapping dust particles hence preventing entry of particles in the nose. Try to atleast shave after every two months.

Have you ever been close to someone who has bad odor in the mouth? Women extremely hate men whose breath smells. They can’t let you know this fact but you will just find them distancing from you. It’s not because you are ugly but its because you do not maintain proper hygiene. After every meal you should try to brush your mouth. If that’s very difficult buying tropical sweets can do the trick.


How often do you cut your nails? Long nails usually pisses women very much. You will never find a woman telling you to cut your nails short. It’s upto you to keep them short so that you may look attractive. You may find some men instead of cutting the nails using a nail cutter, they decide to bit their nails. Biting your nails is a sign of poor hygiene and it also shows that you do not believe in yourself. Try avoiding such habits if you want to attract women.

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