Most Women Don’t Want Your Money, They Just Want These 4 Things Instead

If you ask many Nigerian bachelors the question of why they are still single, you will likely get a response that consists of this statement: girls only want money. Then we ponder on this and we see that there is some truth to it. Women do like money but it is not all of them.

Listen, many women don’t even want money at all. They don’t value money as much as they value other things. If you are really interested in not dying single, you should identify these women and marry them. It’s an advice.

In this article, I would quickly or rather briefly mention the 4 things many women want that isn’t money. They are simple things that you can provide. Here they are;

  1. Ladies want your time and attention: It is true. Most ladies are not after your money at all. They just want you to carve time out of your busy schedule for them. To them,it is a proof that you are really in love with them.

  2. Most women just want care and affection: The dream of every lady is to meet a man who is caring and affectionate, a man who is passionate about them. When this need of theirs is provided, women rarely cheat or demand for money.

  3. Women want a man who is honest and fair: Feminism is a topic you would find on the lips of many women nowadays. It is something they actively support. They want a man who is fair and would treat them as an equal. They also want an honest man who is truthful 99% of the time.

  4. Women want to be listened to: Every women likes talking EVEN THE SO CALLED INTROVERTS. It is an innate nature. As they like talking, they also love being listened to. If you are a listener, you immediately become their best friend.

Can you see that most women don’t want your money? Just provide them with those four things and you are good to go.


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