Women Find It Hard To Resist Guys With These 4 Things. Do you Have Them? (Opinion)

There are physical features which makes it difficult for women to resist guys. Not all men have these physical features, while some men might not have all these features because nobody was created perfect. Here are the four physical features of a man that makes it difficult for a woman to resist them.

  1. muscles: women find it difficult to resist men who have massive muscles. Some men develop muscles naturally. while some men visit gym house in other to induce it.

  1. Women find it difficult to resist Men with cute face. Every man is handsome, but some are more cute than the others.

  1. Women are also attracted to men who are very tall. Theoretically, men are taller than women. But women are attracted to men who are taller them.

  1. Women are also attracted to men with white set of teeth and fresh breath. This is because they always feel comfortable spending time with such men.

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