Women, Look At 3 Places Your Boyfriend Wants You To Touch Him But He Won’t Tell You

As a woman there are things your partner wants you to do that he will not find it good to tell you, maybe because he is shy to let you no but is very necessary you as a lady to know this few things.

Men really find it lucky to meet a lady that give them nice love, and care, because they are rare to find. Here are the three sensitive places your man wants you to touch him:

His head: You might see it as a sign of not being loyal but every man feels happy when their love touch them in the head..give a try to this and see your hubby falling very bad for you.

His chest: This is one of the most sensitive part of a man, he might not tell you but he needs it more than anything, After shower calm down and rub him in his hairy chest, it makes him to start feeling heaven on earth. Talk slowly to him and allow him share his day experience with you.

His Neck: Nothing give men joy than holding them on neck, whenever he is not happy hold him on his neck and come close range to him and talk to him, believe me he will never forget his time with you. This is one of the best way to build your relationship but you might not know.

These are things you under look but is very necessary you do it for a healthy relationship to exist.

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