Women Who Often Use Tissue Instead Of Pad During Menstruation Should Take Note Of This Information

Good morning, I welcome you to this page. Today being Friday the 16th day of October, 2020. God is worthy to be praised for making us to be alive in the land of the living despite, our short comings. His name alone is to be praised Amen. I encourage you for finding time to come to this page. We discuss interesting topics. Today we will be discussing on women who often use tissue as pad instead of pad during Menstruation.

Currently, it has been observed that few women use tissue paper as placement for pad during Menstruation. During observation it was discovered that one of reasons for most women to exhibit this unwise health character is because of lack of money to purchase menstral pad. Recently, the pad is costly and most women can’t afford it. The current price is five hundred (500)naira.

However, I encourage all women who use tissue to stop. Because it is not good and can harm the health, at the same time cause infection. But Before we take note of the vital information I will like us to see what the scripture says about Menstruation and pad.

(Leviticus 18:19) “You shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness while she is in her menstrual uncleanness.

Note: It is not like I am diverting from the topic of discuss, it is just that I still need to inform men that when a lady is seeing her period she does not need to be uncovered just as the Bible says in Leviticus.

Women who use tissue paper as replacement for pad during Menstruation should take note of this.

  1. Women, Please stop using tissue paper because, if it gets stained it cannot absorb blood. Rather it will just melt and the tissue paper will find it’s way inside your body.

  2. Using tissue paper is outdated, you can use thick underwear instead.

  3. Girls, tell your boyfriend, fiance, sugar daddy or father to give you money to buy pad during Menstruation instead of using tissue paper.

I believe with this vital information girls will understand that using tissue paper during menstration is wrong.

Note: The picture used above is for Illustration purpose and not to violate the rules of the platform.

What do you have to say concerning this?

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