Women Protest Against Presence Of Soldiers In Abia Community, Say Children Are Afraid To Attend Schools


Women numbering hundreds of women in the Ohafia local government area of Abia State have stormed the streets to protest against the occupation and presence of Nigerian soldiers in their community, according to SaharaReporters.

The soldiers have been in the community for one month.

In the protest that took place on Wednesday, according to a video obtained by SaharaReporters, their grievances are hinged on the fact that their children cannot go to school.

They also alleged that the soldiers r@pe women in the area and commit other crimes in the community.

A reporter who filmed the event noted that “the militarization of Igboland is not the best solution to problems in Nigeria,” as the women marched out in their numbers.

The reporter stated, “Ohafia women protesting that the army has occupied their territory for a long time preventing their children from going to school, r@ping and creating anti-social problems in the community.

“The atrocities in Ohafia caused by the occupation of the army is becoming unbearable. Hundreds of women protested, insisting that the soldiers must leave their community and their children must go back to school.

“For over a month, their children could not go to school because of the army occupation that has taken over their community.” He noted that no other region in the country was taken over by military personnel as it is in the South-East.

“In fact, militarisation of Igbo community is an obvious case of intimidation by the federal government. You don’t observe this in other parts of the country. Why must it be Igbo land, in particular Ohafia?

“Why should soldiers occupy the entire community for nothing? Is that the best way to keep the peace? The royal fathers have been appealing to get these soldiers out of the community and their children must go back to school,” he added.

In another report, the Police in Ebonyi, on Wednesday, arrested a man who claimed he was a lawyer.

A reliable source from the Ebonyi State Police Command told PUNCH Metro that the suspect was stopped at a checkpoint manned by members of the Car/Sticker team of the Nigerian Bar Association (Abakaliki Branch), at the Union Bank Junction Abakaliki, on Wednesday, and questioned over who had the car he was driving, which had NBA stickers on it.

According to the source, who pleaded anonymity, on interrogation by the NBA Car/Sticker taskforce, he sped off with one of the lawyers who had hopped into his car for further inquiries

When trailed and found, Police operatives were said to have arrested him when he was allegedly videoing and taking shots of the taskforce member with his Android phone and threatening to kill him and his members.

Narrating the incident to journalists, on Wednesday, in Abakaliki, the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Abakaliki Branch, Barr Okorie Ogbonna, said the suspect committed a crime by claiming to be a lawyer, while he was not. He also accused the suspect of kidnapping one of his members.

According to him, “In our branch or even at the national Secretariat, we have a unit that checks and monitors the use of NBA stickers by non-lawyers and we work with the federal and state governments to enforce this. And in Abakaliki Branch, we have a committee called the NBA Car/Sticker Committee. This Committee monitors the fraudulent use of NBA stickers, beards and gowns.

“What necessitated this was the unwarranted use of the NBA stickers by some motorists, who impersonate legal practitioners. Recently, we had a case of a vehicle with the NBA sticker, that brought arms and ammunition into the state.

And we said we don’t like it and cannot fold our hands and watch people infiltrate the profession and destroy its image.”

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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