Women Who Use Water To Clean Up After Visiting The Toilet, Should Take Note Of This Information

Everybody body in living in this world things that he or she is bound to do and these things are called “characteristics of living things”. Example is Movement, Excretion, Reproduction and so on.

However, today I will be talking about some women who normally use water instead of water to clean up themselves after making use of the toilet. Some of these women think it is more hygienic than using tissue but it is not through and that is why I want us to look at this important facts below concerning using water to clean up after making use of the toilet.

Below are facts women should take note of:

  1. Every woman who use water to clean up after making use of the toilet will need to use their hand and in the course of doing that, their clean hands may be contaminated with germs from the feaces.

  2. Women who clean up with water after making use of the toilet may get infections from germs which may have rested on the surface of the water before they used it.

  3. Tissue is preferable, because it is soft and hygienic to the skin and recommended by physicians.

However, guys should also take note of the above information because you can also be infected.


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