“Only Women Will Understand”- See What A Lady seen Doing Inside Room That Got People Talking

A lady shared pictures of her lying flat on the floor and now saying ‘only women will understand what’s going on here’. Of course, not only women will understand but mature men will do too!

Actually, you may say there is no help anybody can render to her at that moment. Why? Reason being that at that moment whatever is wrong with her is going on internally.


Yes, she is in pains, she is pissed (at no one in particular) depressed, probably craving, having mood swings and all. And it’s all because of her period.

There could be an advise, say, a towel soaked in a warm water to be placed on her Tommy and massage her with would have lowered the pain! Though, I am not a woman, I have a sister having similar case!

I think some women like taking painkillers to relieve the pain. It is very important to be well educated before using it. There are a lot of misconceptions about painkillers.


It works for some women to some extent. These drugs work by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. So, the brain can’t know that you have the pain. It has nothing to do with the bleeding or uterus or preventing you from getting pregnant.

While in some women, I can tell you that they do more than block the signals getting to the brain. Most non-steroidal pain killers will interfere with inflammation and prostaglandin formation to reduce spasms and pain. That’s little knowledge I have as regards taking painkillers.

See what people suggest as a way out and funny reactions about this lady’s pictures:

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