WONDERFUL! See How Angel’s Dressing Changed After She Left The Big Brother Naija Show


Angel Smith is without a doubt a woman who is completely confident in her own skin. Angel Smith, on the other hand, underwent a complete makeover after exiting the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. Her new famous status, as well as her hangouts with Davido, a popular Nigerian musician, are among them.

However, the focus of this write up will be on how her style of dressing has evolved. We’ ll start by looking at how she dressed while in the Big Brother house, and then we’ ll move on to how she looks now that she’ s out. The transformation in her clothing is the focus of all of these steps.


First, Angel’ s fashion choices during her time in the Big Brother house:

Angel has always been a hot girl, even before she entered the house. Angel’ s fashion sense became a big point of contention from the time she was introduced to the public during the show’ s premiere.

She said that she enjoys wearing outfits that show off her physique when in the house on one occasion. It simply shows that is how Angel has always been but a lot of people do not understand this part of her.


Many people chastised her for how she dressed, while others admired her for it. As a result, she became one of the season’ s big highlights. Big Brother personally recognized her and referred to her as ” the actual attractive girl. ”

Photos of how she dressed in the house are all on social media. Angel did not look like she cared about what people especially the viewers were saying about her as of when she was still in the house.


Second is how Angel dresses after leaving the show:

Since leaving the Big Brother house, Angel has dazzled us with her stylish attire. Many of her fans praised her for her amazing change, and she gained a lot of respect as a result.

As a matter of fact, Angel’ s Instagram followers have been booming because many people are visiting her page due to how famous Angel is becoming. So, my readers, which of Angel’ s wearing styles do you like most on her?

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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