Wonderful! ! Three Things Igbos Should Consider Doing If They Must Stand A Chance In 2023 Elections


Unfortunately, it is no longer a new thing that the southeast region of Nigeria, which is predominantly made up of Igbo ethnic nationality, has been on the push for the next president of Nigeria in order to emerge from the Southeast region.

However, for the individuals and groups such as Ohanaeze Ndigbo, propagating this demand, the Igbo ethnic nationality has not yet really been given a chance to govern Nigeria since the beginning of its current democratic dispensation in 1999. And according to them, it happens to be a matter of fairness and equity that the seat of power moves to the southeast at the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’ s Tenure.


Well, bearing in mind that the complex nature of Nigeria’ s political sphere, and the existence of other ethnic nationalities who are also desirous of the seat of the presidency, and it will also take more than a demand on grounds of fairness and equity, for the Southeast region to produce Nigeria’ s next president.


Igbos should form a united front with a consensus presidential candidate: Obviously, if the Southeast region of Nigeria must stand a chance in the 2023 elections, then they should begin as soon as possible, to rally for a consensus presidential candidate. And this strategy will really help to make them focus more on making plans happen on how to deliver their candidate.


And it will also mean that the southeast region will concentrate their votes more on a chosen candidate rather than split it with different aspirants thereby depleting their numeric strength.


The Igbos should consider lobbying their southwest counterparts to support ahead of 2023: Well, as much as the Southern Governors Forum has actually unanimously agreed that power will return to the southern region of Nigeria in 2023, then the argument as to which sub- region in the South, should produce Nigeria’ s next President remains unresolved. Also, we are said to have bigwig politicians such as Bola Ahmed Tinubu from the southwest whose Presidential ambition is not really hidden.


So therefore, it is known that if the Southeast region must really stand a chance in 2023, then they should actually consider lobbying the southwest region’ s support. In this way, the southwest region will actually concentrate their votes on an Igbo candidate rather than split it up with a southwesterner, a situation that might actually give the North an advantage.


The Igbos should consider choosing a Northern/Muslim as a running mate for their candidate: Well, it is actually no longer a new thing that some notable individuals and groups in the Northern region of Nigeria such as the Northern Elders Forum and Northern Governors Forum, have both shown their displeasure and unacceptable over the demands that power returns to the southern region of Nigeria. Also, according to them, they are known to have the needed population in order to produce Nigeria’ s next president and cannot be vowed into considering the demands.


However, one way which the Igbos can really get the support of the North, is actually by choosing a running mate from within them. Also, I strongly believe that a northern running mate to ab Igbo presidential candidate will really mean that some northern votes will actually come to the south, a situation that might actually put the Igbos ahead in their search for Presidency come 2023.


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