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“Wonders Shall Never End”- Man Bought Yam In The Market But, See What Was Given To Him

There is a popular Nigerian saying that says, “Wonders shall never end” and looking at some things in this world truly, wonders might not end.

A Twitter user @ Royalgeeklord has tweeted a rare picture of a yam which was sold to someone and now asking if it is safe to eat the yam. The tweet which was also retweeted by a popular news media, @ Gidi Traffic asked, if anyone can help confirm, peradventure the yam is a good yam or something else.

The rare picture of the yam appears like a human being’s foot and got some people talking, suggesting that the yam should not be eaten, as it is someone ancestor’s foot.

@ Olayinka said, “You slice it and know whether it is yam or not.”


@ Sarah responded saying, ” Ha, this is definitely somebody’s ancestor o.”

To your own view, do you think the yam should be eaten or it should not be eaten ? As the picture of the yam appears suspicious.

What can you say to this?

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