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“Wonders Shall Never End” See What Pastor Was Caught Doing To A Female Member During Service (Video)

The anointing spirit has now turned to a thing of a joke by some alleged men of God. You will see a pastor who claims to be of God engaging in acts that shouldn’t be condoned anywhere not to talk of inside the church.

It is with this we bring to you a similar case of what a pastor was caught on camera doing to a female church member. In the video that was uploaded on the Twitter social media platform, the said pastor was caught on camera doing the unthinkable with one of his female church members.

The female Church member was seen lying on the ground of the church while the pastor did also sort of immoral things on the lady’s body.

The pastor even went as far as sleeping on top of the female Church member, moving all around her right there on the floor, however, what was even more shocking was that other church members were present in the church watching the scenario unfold while they danced and played the church music instruments.

Here is the link to watch the video on Twitter:

Also, here are a couple of screenshots from the video.

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