WOW! Checkout 3 Statements Whitemoney Made After Winning That Shows He’s A Wise Man


After 72 days, the reality TV show Big Brother Naija has officially ended, and the most talked about housemate is Hazel Oyeze Onou, commonly known as Whitemoney, who also won the 90 million Naira grand prize.

Following the announcement of Whitemoney as the show’ s winner, he had a few conversations with the host, Ebuka, and there are three responses or statements he gave to some queries that prove he is a very wise man, which I will share with you in this piece.


First, during the chat, Ebuka asked Whitemoney who he’ d like to travel around with after he’ s done with the show, and Whitemoney replied, Niyi. Remember that when Whitemoney and Niyi were at the house together, Niyi was a close buddy of Whitemoney’ s.

Niyi was his closest friend in the house, but he was ejected after only a few days, just as Whitemoney began to grow close to him. Whitemoney’ s choice of travel companion demonstrates his desire to thank someone who has been a friend to him since the beginning.


Secondly, when Ebuka asked who had the saddest face in the room, Whitemoney responded with wisdom by saying he didn’ t want to see any sad faces in the room.

He doesn’ t want to mention anyone’ s name, which keeps the drama of social media beefing at bay. As a public figure, he has to know the right words to use in order not to draw anyone shading him or throwing unnecessary trolls at him.


Here’ s third one, Ebuka inquired about Whitemoney’ s plans for the money he received from the event. Following the question, Whitemoney said that he would not touch the money and would instead leave it in the account where it is.

Before he touches his prize money, Whitemoney says he wants to make some investing plans. Making a decent investment strategy before touching the funds that will be used for investing is always a sensible choice. The three statements that Whitemoney gave prove that he is not only wise, but smart as well even though he is not a university graduate.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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