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Wow! Conjoined Twin Girls Joined At The Head Finally Get Separated After 30-Hour Surgery

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Conjoined twin girls who were born joined at the head have been finally separated after a long surgery.

Two Bangladeshi girls who were born conjoined at the head have been successfully separated by a medical team comprised of 35 doctors, The Independent reports.

The three-year-old sisters, Rabeya and Rukaya, were in a stable condition after the 30-hour procedure ended on Friday at a military hospital in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital.

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The medical team of a Hungarian charity, Action for Defenseless People Foundation, led the operation.

The separation process dubbed “Operation Freedom” was a cooperative effort between doctors from both countries.

Three operations were needed to separate the craniopagus-type twins. Their condition is a rare phenomenon that affects one in every 2.5 million live births.

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The process began last year in Dhaka with the separation of the shared cerebral vein parts.


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