WOW! How Baba Suwe Won The Hearts Of Many Nigerians With His Unique Costumes


Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as ” Baba Suwe, ” was a popular comic actor in the Yoruba film industry who starred in the 1980s and 1990s. He was born on August 22nd, 1958, in Lagos State, and died on November 22nd, 2021.

He began his acting career in 1971 but rose to prominence after appearing in the 1997 film ” Iru Esin, ” which was produced by popular actor Olaiya Igwe. Many people know his name but have no idea what made him famous in the Yoruba film industry as a comic actor. Mr Latin claimed in 2019 that TAMPAN had been paying the veteran actor’ s medical expenditures since 2017 when the organization was led by immediate- past President Dele Odule.

According to Mr Latin, Baba Suwe’ s illness landed him at Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Idi Araba, Lagos, as a consequence of the association’ s plea to the Federal Government to cover the veteran’ s medical bills being approved.

Mr Latin claimed that the Federal Government offered the ailing veteran comedian first- class treatment at LUTH. The actor also spent a month in a hospital on Rhodes Island, near New York, in the United States, receiving treatment for diabetes- related problems and other illnesses.

Baba Suwe’ s Death

Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr Latin, the President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria, confirmed his death. The actor died on Monday, according to reports. He was 63 years old at the time.

” It has been revealed that Baba Suwe is dead, ” Mr Latin claimed in an interview with PUNCH Metro. I recently spoke with his son, who confirmed that the actor is no longer alive. I don’ t have a lot of information about his death. ”

Omidina rose to prominence after appearing in Olaiya Igwe’ s 1997 film Iru Esin. He also appeared in and produced several Nigerian films, including Baba Jaiye Jaiye, which starred Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency charged him with cocaine trafficking in 2011, but the Lagos State High Court ruled that the accusation was false and defamatory. Let’ s take a look at his unique costumes and make- up that has made him famous in the industry.

His Unique Sweater

Baba Suwe’ s black sweater/cardigan, which he wore on set, was the first thing that made him famous in the Yoruba film industry. He is the owner of the sweater, and he has never been seen in a film without it on him. With his one- of- a- kind costume, he went to any movie location. Baba Suwe’ s sweater, in my opinion, should be auctioned or kept in a museum as a memorial.

Baba Suwe was well known for his black sweater and many people even claim the sweater was his acting uniform. The award- winning comic actor even claimed that he was always wearing the outfits because that is what he has been known for by his fans.

His Trousers Rope

The rope of his trouser was the second thing that made him famous. Baba Suwe has a special big rope that he uses in movies to tie his trouser and make people laugh. This rope is one- of- a- kind to him. He never made an appearance in a film without also using this rope. When he appeared in movies, just the sight of this rope made people laugh.

The award- winning comic actor revealed that the rope served as his belt and that he doesn’ t feel comfortable when he isn’ t with the rope. The rope was so unique that even in the last movie that he was featured in, he was with the rope.

His Black Face MakeUp

Baba Suwe had a light complexion, but he was cast in films as a black man. Because he never appeared in films with his true face, many people assumed Baba Suwe was a black man. The makeup was so thick to the extent that many people confused it to being his actual skin colour.

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