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Wow! See 2 Incredible Things That Makes Wike Eligible For The 2023 Presidential Ticket


As the countdown to the 2023 elections approaches, the political atmosphere in Nigeria is increasingly becoming more charged. And while many of the likely presidential aspirants have remained mum about their ambitions, their supporters have been campaigning hard in the run- up to the 2023 presidential election. In particular, certain names have continued to dominate the list of potential candidates for the People’ s Democratic Party (PDP), with Governor Wike being one of those names.


These articles will discuss two criteria that Governor Wike must meet to be considered for the position of PDP Presidential Candidate, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state however has denied reports that he intends to run in the general elections in 2023.

On Tuesday, August 17 Governor Wike issued a statement in which he discredited the media report, stating that such reports are incorrect, But there are two requirements that Wike must meet to be considered as the PDP’ s presidential candidate.

The Construction projects done by Governor Wike in Rivers state had proven that he can also do better as the president of Nigeria


Governor Wike has done an excellent job in the state since he took over as governor in January. The state governor, Nyesom Wike, has turned not only the state capital, but also the entire state of Rivers, into a massive construction zone under his watch. Roads are being resurfaced, new ones are being built, and bridges are being built here and there around the country.


Since taking office as governor, he has built a number of notable structures. No one can doubt that he completely altered Rivers State with the construction of roads and flyovers.

Wike’ s ability to make Rivers state generate enough revenue internally


The country’ s 36 states borrow money from the federal government through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on a regular basis in order to address the developmental priorities of their citizens. Rivers state is one of the states in Nigeria that generates the most revenue, Furthermore as a result of the current VAT scenario in Nigeria, Governor Wike has decided that the state of Rivers will no longer contribute produced money to the national government.


In order to expand Rivers and make it the most populous and developed metropolis in Nigeria, he might use this as an asset to his benefit. Wike’ s term as governor will expire in 2023, thus he will most likely complete a number of projects before stepping down from the position.


In my own perspective, I believe that Governor Wike’ s devotion to the people of Rivers state may be a benefit for him if he is elected as the PDP Presidential Candidate As a reader do you believe Wike has the qualifications to become the PDP’ s presidential candidate?


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