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XENOPHOBIA: Angry Nigerians Sets MTN office on Fire – Lagos (See Photos)

According to a source, the MTN office in Apapa has been set ablaze, Prior to the killings of Nigerians in South Africa.

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One of the MTN offices in Apapa, Lagos, has been set on fire by Nigerians protesting the recent xenophobic attacks.

MTN is a telecommunications company owned by South Africans.

Twitter user @milksha64693019, shared the photos of the torched building online.

The Report said:

MTN office in Apapa has been set ablaze

Burn any fucking South African company and business around you.

Burn that useless Shoprites. Without Shoprites we’ve been coping.

If you see any South African, cook for him. If they can kill, we too can kill, if they can burn, we too can burn.

We don’t have Government. Let’s take the retaliation upon ourselves.

These useless Black South Africans are very ungrateful people.

These are the same idiots we helped with $61Billion with other items decades ago during their apartheid but today they repay us by killing our people.

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