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XENOPHOBIA: Reasons Why Nigerians Must Not Hate South Africans – Chinaify

By Chinaify Onyeabo

Chisco lost 18 mass transit buses in Lagos, Nigeria , Just because his office had the Goodluck Jonathan campaign poster People, Nigerians justified it.

Chisco is a Nigerian doing business in Nigeria., A Zulu can never do that to a Xhosa, They address themselves as brothers and sisters. You hear echoes of “My brother, my sister”.

Same people are now hating on South Africans for burning a Nigerian owned car company. You think they do not know all these? They are laughing at your confusion.

When the rant is over and it will soon be, you wake up and fix your country.

Is it not amazing that you do not find South Africans in Nigeria but Nigerian community in University of Pretoria alone can be one country.

I don’t want to mention other universities. Most of them are even on STATE sponsored scholarships running their phd’s. What I mean is that, the South African government are taking care of their education.

Nigerian lecturers are teaching in South African universities, earning what their counterparts in Nigeria are not earning without any need to impose handouts on anyone.

You are listing Mtn, Dstv and whatever, whatever. Burn them down and chase Nigerians away from the few employment your government cannot create.

The sad thing is; their government are paying all of them unemployment benefits, paying all their children and providing free health care for them, if you find yourself out of employment, Nigerian government does not help you in anyway. So be careful how you advocate for burning down businesses in Nigeria.

The only place you will find South Africans in Nigeria is at Tb Joshua’s synagogue but those are mostly on temporary movement.

Mandela was sick and didn’t have to step out of the country for one day because there is no need for that. Can your president trust the clinic in Aso rock to treat his ear problem?

You keep writing that their country was built by whites, were you not governed by whites, why didn’t they build yours? Is South Africa the only African country that was colonised?

As for those of you asking Nigerians to come back, you amuse me.

Come back to what? You should channel that energy into telling Nigerians in the North to go back to their regions.

Cure the hate in your country first so that people will take you serious.

You cannot tell them you are different then turn around and scream when you get the treatment being dished out to those who hate themselves.

Some are saying cancel diplomatic ties, What does that even mean? They will drive all your students away from their universities.

It is obvious Nigeria as a country does not know her mates in the world.

Even Nigerian students and lecturers here will join them and riot against Nigeria.

As for those of you going to destroy Shoprite, if anyone shoots you, remember your parents will shoulder that responsibility because Nigeria has no free health care.

Anyone injured in south Africa gets treated in their government hospitals. Keep that in mind while you are doing your “revenge”.”


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