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Yahoo Boy Runs Mad After Failing To Renew His Yahoo Plus Due To Lockdown (Watch Video)

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Never again be jealous of any young man with car because you don’t know the source and consequences or price he pays for the sudden wealth. Sudden wealth brings sudden death.

A video appeared online few hours ago in Lagos showing a young man who jumped out of his car and started displaying some madness. The yahoo boy picked up iron and started destroying his car. His friends tried to calm him down but it proved abortive.

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People gathered and where taking pictures and videos. They asked the yahoo boy’s friends what could be wrong and they said he ought to perform a blood ritual before 30th of May.

His friends who became afraid because they did the same thing said they were not able to travel out of Lagos to Edo State to perform their normal blood rituals.

According to them, “we have begged the babalawo to at least shift the ritual to another month but he refused. We ought to bring 7 freshly used pants from….

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Watch the video and read full article here.

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