This Year Any Man I Find He Must Give Me Child, I’m Really Getting Old. Check My Reasons

2020 was a bad year to me I tried by all means to find someone who can make me happy but I found no one.

But this year I have a feeling that I will find a real gentleman who Wil take care of me and my heart, unlike those boys I was with last year.

Some guys don’t know how to treat a lady they just treat you like a female friend they don’t even show love to you, when your in public with them they are even shy to hold you hand.

I so pray that this year ut be my year of happiness when coming to relationships stuff, if I could find a real gentleman I will be so happy and because I’m getting old I will end up loose chances of giving birth.

This year even if your not serious I will just have child with you if you leave I will just raise my child alone just like other single parents in the world.

I’ve been trying to be an innocent person looking for good person but it seems like no one is serious everyone they just come to play and pass.

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