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Any Yoruba Girl Would Be Yours If You Call Her One Of These 10 Sweet Names

These are the names one can call any Yoruba girl if you want to get to her heart and she will be yours

There are many things you need to know about Yoruba girls if you want to date them; this pet name tips would at least prepare your mind as to how to tease and get them.

Yoruba people majorly live in the southwestern part of Nigeria and they are an African ethnic group that inhabits western Africa, mainly Nigeria and neighboring Benin Republic .

The Yoruba’s constitute about 44 million people in total and the vast majority of this population is from Nigeria, where the Yoruba make up 16% of the country’s population .

Well we bring you Sweet Native names to call any Yoruba girl and she will be yours.

Abidemi – A female child that was born in the absence of her father

Aderiyike – The pampered crown

Abosede – A child born on the first day of the week

Atinuke – A child who has been looked after since conception

Ayotola – Joy is enough wealth

Bolatito – The sanctification that joy brings

Adebisi- Added to the crown

Abeni- We asked for her,behold, we got her

Adedamola -The crown is mixed with riches

Adenike -The crown needs to be taken care of

So try and get Yoruba girl with these sweet names listed above and share your comment below

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