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“Yorubas Are The Problems Of Themselves Because They Continue Selling Land To Bororos”- Oluwo (Video)

In a current interview conducted by BBC Pidgin, the controversial king of Iwo land, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi the Oluwo of Iwo land made some prerequisite point on why the Yoruba land is facing threats.

The king which was known for different controversies which range from his wife scandals to his revolts with his fellow kings, talked that one of his agitations is to stop selling land to the Bororos who are non- Nigerians.

He made it clear that his revolt with his downline king was his decision to stop them from selling land at cheaper price to the strangers, especially the Bororos who are non-Nigerians.

He said many of them did not listen, but today we can see what is happening in the Yoruba land as herdsmen are kidnapping our people and demanding for random from them.

In his words, he tries to clarify that the kidnappers that are terrorising Nigeria are the non-Nigerians that are buying the land.

The king also made mention of the Nigerian porous border, which is the channel where the Chadians and some other Africans are passing through to enter into Nigerian, he advised the Nigerian government to work on it.

Moreover, he did not ommit his involvement in associating with Fulanis, he said he is the only king in the Yorubaland that housed large numbers of the Fulani and he knows how to deal with them without problem.

In conclusion, he advised that the Yorubas must unite if they want to overcome all their external aggressors and the most important of all the kings should creat an association where all of them would talk and conclude on the next actions on their pressing matters.

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