“You are sweeter than my wife, open wider,” my husband told my sister when I busted them screwing each other - Mc Ebisco “You are sweeter than my wife, open wider,” my husband told my sister when I busted them screwing each other - Mc Ebisco
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“You are sweeter than my wife, open wider,” my husband told my sister when I busted them screwing each other

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Three days ago, I almost beat my husband and sister to death because hao wawili
walinikosea heshima sana after ku have sex behind my back.
My sister had come to visit us for a weekend since she had stayed long without
seeing me and my husband. I had missed her since she was like my twin sister
since she wa born 11 months after me so we basically grew together.
She came at home and it just so happens that my husband was not feeling well and
he had been on a week-long sick leave. So, I was leaving them in the house when I
got to work and I was not really concerned about anything.
Until three days ago when I came home and found the door had been closed from
the inside and the music was really loud. I tried knocking countlessly and neither
my husband nor sister was responding. I then called my husband on his phone and
asked him to come open the door.
He came five minutes later; looking very shaky and sweaty as if he had been
running a 100km race. I went to the sitting room and it was such a mess and I knew
something really nasty was going on between my husband and sister.
I asked him why they had turned the music so loud and delayed in opening the
door and my hubby said he was sleeping while my sister was listening to the music
and that is why they could not hear me.
It was an obvious lie and I vowed to investigate what was going on. I went to the
bathroom to pee and I saw around three used condoms in the toilet dustbin and this
cemented everything; my husband and sister were having an affair.
The next day, I left for work but lied to them that I would be so late since there was
a lot of work I had not done in the office. In the office I called my mother-in-law
and told her of the suspicions I had and she instantly recommended Doctor
“My daughter, just go see Doctor Mugwenu before you completely lose your
marriage to your sister, his number is +254 740637248. Mpigie simu then you tell
me amekwambia nini,” my mother-in law said.

I called the doctor and narrated to him my problems and he gave an appointment
later in the afternoon. We met and he performed a series of spells that would stick
my sister and husband if they had intercourse.
I went home earlier than I had informed them and this time, the door was not
locked. So, I quietly pushed the door open and just when I approached the living
room, I heard my husband tell my sister the she was sweeter than I was. I was so
“You are sweeter than my wife, panua kabisa, wewe ndio ninataka,” my husband
whispered to my sister. I was so furious and as I was going to bust them and beat
them, I heard them start screaming.
“Nimekwama, nimekwama! Naskia uchungu,” my husband said.
I was so happy that Doctor Mugwenu’s spell casting powers worked in a matter of
seconds after he penetrated her. I smiled when I heard them wail in agony because
they were learning their lesson. I then appeared and they all froze. They did not
expect to see me. I slapped both of them and told them they had betrayed me in the
worst way possible.
After some hours, they were unstuck by Doctor Mugwenu and my sister
immediately ran out of the house but I had given her a thorough beating. My
husband on the other hand pleaded for forgiveness saying that my sister had
seduced him. I forgave him and our marriage is now back on its feet.
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