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You Shall Arrest and Tire – Nigerian Man Replies EFCC post on Instagram (Photos)


Nigerian Man has Replied EFCC post on Instagram, following the large Number of arrested internet Fraudsters in the country.

The Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC) has arrested a Large Number of Nigerians who Indulged in Internet Fraud and Money Laundering Recently. The Youths are Trooping into Internet Fraud; also Known as Yahoo Yahoo Due to Lack of Jobs and Economic Challenges in the Country.

After EFCC Posting about one Chijioke Iwu who was Bagged Three Months Imprisonment for internet Fraud, A Nigerian Man Reacted;

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Tell the government to build more prisons since you said y’all are going to be a fool then what’s the point build more prison coz you never see nada. You shall arrest tire trust me.

Another Nigerian Reacted;

Wish 100 Nig IG user can jst report dis der rubbish acct, they dnt believe in social media a man video on everywhere concerning the rice custom steal from his warehouse Mr Mugu tell ur boys to investigate the root of d matter, bet in d next 10yrs u and Buhari will be dead and remember ur kids will b alive and c what will happen to dem

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Another Reaction;

Stop harassing these young lads , are they the problem in Nigeria ? Do us a favour , start from the House 🏠 of Representatives, house 🏠 of assembly, Senate house 🏠 and see if Nigeria won’t be a better place to live . Shame you efcc are starting from the scratch , Stop 🛑 and start from the head and see how Nigeria will move forward . Nigeria is a ship 🛳 and ship don’t sail in pool .

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