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You Won’t Believe, See The Female Pastor That Said She Has Not Found A Man To Marry

Pastor Lucy Natasha, the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, says she is yet to find a man to marry.

The pastor who is nicknamed Nairobi hottest pastor made it known In a live chat with comedian MC Jessy she is waiting for her “Adam”.

She said “My Adam is still asleep. I am waiting to be pulled from the rib of my Adam who us still sleeping. Eve was picked from the rib of Adam, I feel I’m still asleep in the rib of my Adam,”

Natasha added that her “Adam” doesn’t have to be a pastor like her but has to be a man who believes in God.

“He has to be born again, must be a friend and we must have common values and goals. He doesn’t have to be a pastor.”

She added that the said Adam should be mature and not younger. Natasha also added that she wouldn’t mind marrying a broke man on condition that he was not lazy.

“I am not a golddigger, I am a gold carrier. Just like Queen Sheba went to meer King Solomon she carried her own gold. I look for a man who has vision, not lazy, a hard worker and has potential. Finances are not a major factor.

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One comment on “You Won’t Believe, See The Female Pastor That Said She Has Not Found A Man To Marry


Pastor Natasha I respect your vision I know you have so many of them around you but you have a choice and. Your goal is robust, may God grant you your heart desires. I love you sincerely your virtues is beyond comprehension only a man that have a perfect relationship with God can understand you. I’ll to hear you speak how do I locate your place of worship.


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