Young Guy Spotted Giving His Girlfriend “Head” In A Swimming Pool (VIDEO)


This generation never cease to amaze as two horny lovers were caught doing the unimaginable in public.

The unidentified couple was spotted in a swimming pool having a good time together, however, they both could not control their s3xual urge but resort to doing things that are meant for indoors and in the bedroom basically.

In a video shared sighted on Instagram, the lady opened her legs for him for the man who lowered his head to her ‘vajayay’ and gave her the excitement she craved. The young guy ate the girl with his mouth whilst in the pool and they were not bothered by the people who could see what they were doing.

Watch the video below;

In other news, Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama of award-winning Nigerian singer, Davido has revealed the song that ushered her into pregnancy.

Sophia Momodu’s child, Imade turned 6 a few months ago and despite not being in a romantic relationship with the father of her daughter, Davido, she is not ashamed of getting pregnant for him and the condition under which her pregnancy came up.

In a video she posted on her Instagram story, Sophia Momodu revealed that she got pregnant with Beyonce’s song ‘Drunk In Love’ which features her husband, Jay-Z.

She made this revelation while reacting to a video a lady was performing the song as it was being played at night club and she said it in excitement.

Watch the video below;


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